The Unnamed Training Mission was the only completed mission in Version 1.0 and 2.0 of 'Warfare I - 2024'.

Player Corporal Paul Johnson
Location Unknown, presumably Britain
Previous Mission N/A
Next Mission Hostage Situation
Opposition None

Mission OverviewEdit

The objective in this mission is to move through a mock-up of a likely situation SAS members would have to face. The player must eliminate all Hostiles and must not kill a single Hostage (both of which are represented by sheets of wood).

Mission DescriptionEdit

The player starts in an unidentified building. He is informed (over a radio) by Sergeant Wilson that he must move through the building as fast as possible, whilst eliminating all hostiles and avoiding harming any hostages.

The player moves through several rooms and corridors, neutralising hostiles as they go. Eventually they find an exit from the building. Having done so, and also having eliminated all the hostiles, they have completed the mission.

Available WeaponsEdit


Available for PickupEdit

  • None

Dropped by NPCsEdit

  • None

List of Objectives:Edit

  • Move through the house and kill all hostiles


  • In total, there are 53 hostiles and 11 hostage.