Tristan Garrett is the head of Garrett Firearms Ltd, the main supplier of weaponry to the British Armed Forces. Garrett's name and appearance is based off a real life Tristan Garrett (who is not a firearms manufacturer). He appears in 'Warfare I - 2024'.

In The 'Warfare' SeriesEdit

Warfare I - 2024Edit

Versions 1.0-2.0Edit

In the incomplete mission 'Hostage Situation', the player's squad is tasked with finding and rescuing Garrett, who has been captured by the Russian Special Forces. However, his name is not actually mentioned and he is not seen in-game.

Versions 3.0-4.0Edit

Garrett holds a prominent role in these versions. The objectives of both the missions 'Urban Warfare' & 'Arctic Assault' are to find and rescue Garrett, who is being held hostage by the Al'Asaki terrorist organisation. In versions 3.0 & 4.0 he is named and his status and position described. In version 4.0, when 'Arctic Assault' was completed, he is visible tied to a metal block in a prison.

It was planned for Garrett to return later as a member of the player's squad called 'F.A.P. (Freaking Awesome Private) Garrett (the rank was the request of the real-life Garrett).