Sgt Jermyn: There you are Johnson. I'm Sergeant Jermyn and I'll be your instructor for the duration of your training. Now follow me.

Sgt Jermyn: In order to pass some obstacles, you'll have to crouch. Press X to crouch.

Sgt Jermyn: Good job Corporal. Now in some cases, you won't be able to move past an obstacle even if you're crouched. In such cases, lie down. Press C to lie down.

Sgt Jermyn: Well done Johnson. Now we'll move on to weapons training.

Sgt Jermyn: Okay, Johnson, pick up the gun on that table and shoot the three targets downrange.

Sgt Jermyn: Good shooting Johnson. Do it again, but this time aim down the sights on your gun. Hold the right mouse button to aim down the sights.

Sgt Jermyn: Well done Johnson, you've got a good aim.Now go pick up some grenades and throw one down into the shooting range.

Sgt Jermyn: You've got a good arm Johnson. One thing I forgot to mention earlier - whether you're standing, crouching or lying down, you can always press and hold shift to move a little bit faster. Your training will be complete as soon as you leave the area.