'Training' was the first mission in versions 3.0-4.0 of 'Warfare I - 2024

Player Corporal Paul Johnson
Location Unknown, presumably Britain
Previous Mission N/A
Next Mission Urban Warfare


Description Learn the basics of the operational side of warfare

Mission OverviewEdit

As the title of the mission suggests, the overall goal of the mission is to complete a training course. The training is instructed by Sgt Jermyn and is split into two halves - one half trains in physical ability and the other in marksmanship.

Mission DescriptionEdit

The player starts of in an empty barracks room. They must leave the room and report to Sgt Jermyn, who is waiting outside. After meeting the sergeant, the player is instructed to crouch and move through a makeshift tunnel, then to lie down and crawl through a smaller tunnel.

After completing this part of the training, the player is instructed to pick up a gun (a Garrett MP35A) and shoot the three targets in the shooting range. After doing this, the targets will re-appear and the player must shoot them again, this time aiming through the sights on their gun.

After doing so, the player must pick up some grenades and throw one into the shooting range. After doing this and being reminded about the usefulness of sprinting by Sgt Jermyn, the player is able to leave the area, thus completing the mission.

Weapons Available in 'Training'Edit


  • None

Available for PickupEdit

Dropped by NPCsEdit

  • None

List of Objectives in 'Training'Edit

  • Follow Sgt Jermyn
  • Crouch to pass the obstacle
  • Lie down to pass the obstacle
  • Pick up the Garrett MP35A
  • Shoot the three targets


  • If the player shoots the targets the first time by aiming through the sights, Sgt Jermyn will still talk as if they had fired from the hip.


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